Thursday, 13 December 2012

Unit 2: Scene Pipeline

The pipeline for my scene, Pagan Colossus.


Hero Prop

 Maya Pipeline:


 UV Map Textures 

 Textured Models

 Lighting Tests

 Final Render & Ambient Occlusion Render

Unit 2: Creative Partnership

Lucy's comments to me:

Lucy5 November 2012 
These are some pretty cool images you've collected! Maybe look at rural places in india, where they're still living a traditional life style where they're poor, yet somehow there's some junk from technology and western life style slowly leaking in. Also in nigeria, the people who clear junk from all over the world for money, taking out the wires and such. not that these would make good sceanery, just a good visual for seeking westen's plague taking over :D

Katy 5 November 2012
Ah, thank you for the input.. I shall look into these to see if I can get some influence or ideas from them! 

Lucy15 November 2012 12:44
the water looks so so so nice, woow.
it may seem squashed at the moment, but i think that might be simply because it's incomplete? your sketch of the thumbnail suggested scale really well, because of the left side of the image, so i think it'll look nice when you bring that in. the transparency to the water is beautiful, and the reflection is beautiful. Maybe add a reflection and white ripples to the main body of water? (or is that undone too atm? :D) sooo pretty!!

Katy Fosdike 15 November 2012 12:44
Hmm.. Okay, ill try adding in the left side and see what it looks like.
The water is still incomplete, I can't really complete it until the rest is done..
Thank you Lucy! :D 
How are your thumbnails going?

Lucy10 December 2012 14:25
the texture on the fox stones looks so awesome, what is that? I like 3 the msot so far, as the hero prop has a magical glow and has obvious significance among the other things in the scene. looks sooo soo good

My Comments to Lucy:

Katy Fosdike15 November 2012 14:33
Yay Lucy! :D
These are looking good, theres a good sense of depth and scale in these images :) however, I think the perspective is a tad off, but easily fixed! :D

Lucy 15 November 2012 14:33
yeah the upper half of the looks as if wer're looking down into the seen, and the lower looks as if we're looking up. it's where i re-use old thumbnails and don't put much thought into perspective XD Thanks for pointing out!!

Katy Fosdike24 November 2012 13:50
Awesome final concept lady! :D Well done!!

Katy Fosdike13 December 2012 11:58
This is looking amazing so far Lucy, very similar to your original concept! I look forward to seeing the final soon! :D

George's Comments to me:

George Nwosisi10 December 2012 13:10
well done Katy this is looking good, but i think you should up the reflectivity on your water a little bit.

Katy Fosdike 13 December 2012 13: 45
Shall do lady! Thanks for the tip :)

My Comments to George:

Katy Fosdike13 December 2012 11:55
It's looking awesome dude, can't wait to see the final soon!

Unit 2: Final Presentation

Secret Lair Final Presentation

Unit 2: Final Render Scene

This is my final render scene for unit 2: The Secret Lair of the Pagan Colossus.
After many hours of re-rendering the scene, I finally came to a version that looked right; this is the scene with the Ambient Occlusion render combined. 

Final Maya Render

Ambient Occlusion

Final Concept Art

Monday, 10 December 2012

Unit 2: Scene In It's Final Forms

Finishing my modelling and texturing, making sure the camera view is in a good position, changing the render settings and messing around with the lighting; it's either too bright, too dark, too green or too blue.. Damn lighting.

Thursday, 6 December 2012

Unit 2: Scene Updates

Current progress on my scene; adding in the textures and improving the lighting and other general things in the scene. Slowly getting there. 

Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Unit 2: Modelling/Lighting/Texturing Developments

Further developments in Maya, playing around with textures and finishing touches to the modelling. I've decided to cut a bit out from my original concept because it made the scene feel very cluttered and small, which it the opposite feeling I want from my scene. 

Lighting Experiments:
Trying out different lighting options in my scene and different positions using Directional Lights and a Spot Light.

This last one was my attempt of trying to find the best camera angle for my scene as well.