Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Cinematic Spaces: Book Exerts

"A new CG animated adaptation of a classic story is in pre-production. In response to the source material allocated to you at the briefing, you have been commissioned to produce 3 fully-resolved concept paintings. Your concept paintings should be 16:9 and painted digitally."

I was given exerts from two books by H.G Wells, The Red Room and The Magic Shop. Below are the descriptive elements taken from the two exerts, these are the segments of text that implied some sort of environmental description or hinted towards a possible composition.Descriptive Elements


  1. Hey Katy - really concise, really tidy - love the use of that old-fashioned term 'rum' to mean 'odd' - how quaint. I can't help but think of Eel Marsh House from the recent adaptation of The Woman In Black when I read over the Red Room descriptions - particularly all that stuff about the 'staring' ornaments. If you haven't seen it yet, give it a whirl because it makes great use of shadow and creepy knick-knacks. So, I now look forward to seeing a flurry of influence maps and thumbnails on here in the very near future!

  2. Really good to see you pickung out the main parts of the text. This will really help in visualising your scenes :)