Monday, 15 October 2012

Thumbnails 34 - 44

The top thumbnails are still prior to the OGR; thumbnails 36 - 38 are one of the thumbnails that has changed to a different scene. 

These thumbnails are post OGR, so this is the beginnings of my new thumbnail work for the interior of The Magic Shop, the image to the right (thumbnail 42) is more of the concept I am going with. 


  1. 40 kind of reminds me of kingdom hearts concept art for some of their levels. :D The playing with perception is really cool!

  2. I'm liking thumbnail 42 too. All the little details make the scene more interesting. I just skim read the text you posted from The Magic Shop and it seems that this place should be packed with all these wacky wonderful objects described. Also, lighting (or the lack of it) is mentioned, which you should make the most of when you start developing the thumbnails :)