Saturday, 20 October 2012

Thumbnails 52 - 54

 Below are thumbnails for The Red Room and the Spiral Staircase, both of these scenes are from The Red Room.
Out of the 2 Red Room images, I think the second one works better from all distances, but its lost some of its creepy atmosphere that the first one has.
The Spiral Staircase is just me messing around with aspects in the scene and working on the composition a bit more.

Red Room 1
Red Room 2
Spiral Staircase


  1. Those top images - very atmospheric, Katy - very theatrical and spare - really encouraging - I think you can pump up the colour more courageously and also just consider how some more accurate architectural details (accurate as in coming from the right sort of period) might lend more interest to the room - for example, ornamental plaster work cornices or similar - a mirror above the fireplace - just a few things that sell it more convincingly as a room in a castle. More generally? Good stuff! :D

  2. Thanks Phil, i'll add those in and have a play around! :)

  3. After few minutes I realized that there is a scary shadow in the left corner of the Red Room :I Uhhhhh
    Anyway, I like second one very much! That shadow on the floor and wonky walls are giving the whole picture a scary feeling.
    Keep it up : )

  4. I like the second image, for instance the texture on the wall and the dark bits of the room, together express a feeling of fear and loneliness.

  5. I agree, I like the second image. It would be nice to bring out the red some more, but I'm liking where this is heading :)