Monday, 7 January 2013

Unit 3: Story-Telling Initial Research

Initial Research


  1. it suddenly occurred to me last night that, when people die, they sometimes want their favourite possessions buried with them in their coffin. So perhaps, your undertaker is preparing the coffin for a championship bowling guy who wants his beloved bowling ball included in his coffin - which would create obvious comedic results in terms of the coffin's weight and mobility; you might want to look at this for reference:

    hmm - so, that art gallery...

    There's a glimmer of an idea here:

    so, establish undertaker as a frustrated artist - after all, he is creative in terms of embalming the bodies; perhaps in Act 1 you show him as being almost 'too creative' in his role. He dreams, however, of creating a controversial bit of concept art in the mode of Damien Hirst or similar.

    He gets his wish, when a body is buried with a bowling ball, making the coffin difficult to carry - a chain of events happens - physical comedy, pratfalls, the coffin getting 'away' from the undertaker somehow - and crashes into art gallery (at bottom of hill or whatever) - the resulting aftermath is seen by visitors as the latest bit of conceptual art and the undertaker gets his wish... or something like that.

  2. Hey Katy,

    I noticed your character was the undertaker, and saw on the images you had the character of 'the undertaker' from the animated short called Backwater Gospel. If you haven't seen it you can find the link below, but the storytelling within it is awesome and it might help spark an idea :)

    Also, if you are interested, the producers had a blog filled with production diaries as well as there step by step progress which can be found here;

    Hope this is somewhat useful :)

    1. Thank you... You have given me a spark of an idea :D