Tuesday, 26 March 2013

2D Animation: Showreel

Apologies for missing the crit, enjoy the video anyway 

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  1. hi Katy
    Just when I was starting to enjoy it and get into the rhythm of your lovely animations, it ended! Bit too short a showreel. Obviously you have a lot more work missing, which Im hoping you can catch up with in the next few weeks. Loved the choice of music but feel freer to be more playful with your edit: repeating clips of animation if they are too short so we can get the full experience of it, and no need to stick to the actual order and sequencing of exercises as they took place. Also, give us a feel for your experience of the unit by adding in a few rough drawings and developmental sketches. A reminder for work thats not in there yet: 2 more bouncing balls, smells, normal walk and character walk+prop exercise, pixillation. Im sure it will be a lively, charming piece of work once you've finished with it!goodluck.