Friday, 8 March 2013

Unit 4: Online Greenlight Review

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  1. OGR 09/03/2013

    Hey Katy,

    Okay - in truth, I'm not sure exactly what your concept is - apart from a general understanding of the colour and textural identity of your world - soft, translucent - a bit Haribo, a bit fantasy. It does seem to me as if there's a tension in your concept art between the environment and the cell-cycle itself; for example, the 'cell-cycle' is an abstract representation of a process using a circular platform that in fact doesn't exist anywhere in the body - this gives you complete artistic license. Your environments depicting the interior of the body as cathedral-like and vast are very 'fantastic voyage' but actually may not even be relevant or required by your explanation of the cell-cycle; in other words, you might commit to modelling a space that is 'inessential' to the information you're trying to give away. You've also got the idea of an anthropomorphic cell - a character - when even this may be unnecessary ultimately to your principle aim - the cell-cycle - unless you dial-up the more toony element and make that your visual concept.

    The short version is that I think you need to identify your visual concept in a more concrete way: what is your design logic, who is your audience, and what is the 'purpose/aim' of the artistic license you're seeking to take? In terms of colour etc, then yes, in general terms your palette is appealing, but I think you need a more clearly defined 'idea' that can fuel your production design.

    There is something rather genteel about the world you've drawn - very benign and soft, but remember, the cell-cycle is an abstract thing and can soak up very bold decisions; indeed, even as I type this I can't help think again of your bowling ball film and of associated stuff like this: