Sunday, 11 August 2013

A Little Summer Editing

This year, some friends of mine started a Freerunning/Parkour company to teach the local kids and do gigs and such. Luckily for me, they wanted some videos done to show their progression and help advertise themselves a bit more.
On Wednesday, I sent Tom out with my camera to do some tester shots and just mess about to see the capabilities of my camera. Although the clips that were filmed weren't really done to be made into a 5 minute video, I done it anyway. 
So, after a few days of messing around with the arrangements and trying to find enough footage to fit the song, it has finally all come together in a decent enough way. 
Hopefully we get a few more video adventures before I leave again because I found this rather entertaining!

I hope for more videos to follow where I can shoot some awesome stuff for these guys! None of it is serious, it's just a little fun for them and for me. So, heres the video:

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  1. bloody nice edit, Katy! Good stuff :) Good to know too that you're keeping those brain cells of yours nice and busy!