Friday, 2 November 2012

Unit 2: Initial Influence Maps

The first influence maps for my theme: Pagan Colossus. I'm still unsure what direction to take my project, but so far I'm leaning more towards the Paganism view of nature and the Earth and incorporating a sense of enormity into that. 

This image stood out to me because of the way the space has been portrayed, it gives off a real sense of height and wide space.


  1. Wooooo, these are so cool! You chose great arts for your influence maps! I'm looking forward to seeing what ideas you'll come up with! : D

  2. Hi Katy - I think the Pagan = Nature = Colossus idea is strong. I wonder about your character's backstory? I wonder, if being a Pagan deity, he is somehow suppressed by the modern world, perhaps by Man's new religion of Ipads and technology? Maybe he's an old colossus trapped in a high-tech world? Maybe he represents the oldest, most ancient force of nature, and maybe his lair is more of a prison or holding cell? I don't know - just thoughts really, but I think the idea that your Pagan colossus is actually a personfication figure - an elemental force made into somekind of physical form? If so, where does he get his life-force from? Any maybe the answer to this could give you some ideas for his hero prop or site for his lair? Back-story is key to resolving character, and character is key to resolving the environment... Who IS this Pagan Colossus? What does he want? What does he do? Discuss!