Thursday, 8 November 2012

Unit 2: Research (Remote Locations)

In my previous idea, I just assumed my Pagan Colossus would be forest bound due to the nature aspects of Paganism. However, I've decided to broaden my search and look at different nature locations on Earth to see what sort of areas he could lay dormant in. 

Taking my characters back story into consideration, I've decided that he would change location every hundred years or so, meaning he has various Lairs across the Earth, each one of them in different climates, which means my characters has to be able to adapt and live in each of them.

There is also his size to take into consideration, would he be able to stay above ground and remain hidden if he is taller than most trees that grow on the Earth? Or would he have to resort to burrowing underground? 

After searching for 'Remote Locations', I was given a number of various islands with different climates:

Easter Islands:

Figure 1
La Rinconada, Peru:

Figure 2
Kerguelen Islands:

Figure 3
Pitcairn Island:

Figure 4
Motuo County, China:

Figure 5
Tristan da Cunha:

Figure 6
 Spectacular Reed Flute Cave:

Figure 7
Messalini Caves, near Kefalonia:

Messalini Caves
Figure 8
Crystal Caves, Bermuda:

Figure 9
Crystal Caves, Mexico:

Figure 10
Figure 11

Figure 12
Junction Pool, Karijini NAtional Park:

Figure 13
Jade Pools, Western Australia:

Figure 14
Dixon Falls, Montana: 

Figure 15
Bingham Canyon Copper Mine:

Figure 16
Donal Duck Bay, Thailand:

Figure 17
Thor's Well: 

Figure 18
Llyn y Fan Fach:

Figure 19
 Pamukkale Blues (UNESCO World Heritage):

Figure 20


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