Thursday, 15 November 2012

Unit 2: Final Concept Progress

My final concept progress, however, I'm still struggling with what to put on the other side, my idea has changed since the original thumbnail was done and putting rockery or more detail the other side of the negative space makes the image feel very claustrophobic. 
I'm also considering adding in something to show the scale of the area better? At the moment, it seems as though its could be any size. 


  1. the water looks so so so nice, woow.
    it may seem squashed at the moment, but i think that might be simply because it's incomplete? your sketch of the thumbnail suggested scale really well, because of the left side of the image, so i think it'll look nice when you bring that in. the transparency to the water is beautiful, and the reflection is beautiful. Maybe add a reflection and white ripples to the main body of water? (or is that undone too atm? :D) sooo pretty!!

  2. Hmm.. Okay, ill try adding in the left side and see what it looks like.
    The water is still incomplete, I can't really complete it until the rest is done..
    Thank you Lucy! :D
    How are your thumbnails going?

  3. Hi,

    I've seen you've put a few things up with animals and creatures. You could always put something on the left that illustrates the movement and life.
    If you're doing the perspective on purpose I really like it and you could add a lot of character to the left.

    What was you thinking of putting there? :)

    1. The left side was originally filled with crystals etc to keep with the feeling of the image and to help show scale a bit more.. I think thumbnails 26 show my original plans

      I like the animal idea.. Once I've actually chosen my creature then ill try adding some elements from that :D
      Thank you!

    2. You're welcome. :)
      26 does show ideas - nice ones!
      Good Luck.

  4. The shapes used to create the rocky outcrop are awesome! I love the textures you have produced for them as well, they are really effective :D

    1. Thank you!
      I'm slightly bored of rocks now though.. However, water is quite interesting to create :D