Sunday, 4 November 2012

Unit 2: Initial Character Profile

Pagan Colossus
Character Profile:

After researching into my two individual words, I had to combine the two elements to make sure they worked together and was able to create a character with a unique lair.
For Pagan, I went with the nature side of the word, referring to Paganism and the religious belief of the Earth as a sanctuary and the worshipping of the world and its creations.
A lot of inspiration has been drawn from films like Avatar, where the characters are very protective over the world they live in and feel the need to save it from danger, even if it endangers their own lives; these are similar characteristics I wanted for my character.
However, I felt it needed a better twist that a colossus nature lover sitting in his lair, so I began thinking of a back story to the character and why he is so consumed with nature and retaining the world the way it it.

Characters World/Life:

Currently, we live in a world where we are dominated by technology, obsessed with getting the latest gadgets that allow us to do anything, anywhere and our constant struggle to keep improving upon our success to bring out bigger and greater products to get our faces into the Media and to impress our friends/acquaintances/families.
But there is a creature, of colossal standing, that lives in this world of technology, a prisoner in his own ‘lair’ because his beliefs of keeping the world a sanctuary is so important to him, that he can’t face the world outside of his ‘lair’, which is slowly becoming his own personal sanctuary and his own personal prison. His fight against mankind and their obsession with technology is slowly slipping away from him as he carries on living out his life in his prison, feeling safe with nature and Mother Earth surrounding him, making it easy for him to ignore the outside world, until it begins to infiltrate his world as well.

The colossus is almost a physical manifestation placed in this world where technology rules, in an attempt to keep the sanctity of nature alive and to ensure the humans, which are so oblivious to the harm their creations bring to the world , do not succeed in destroying everything the Pagan Colossus was created for and lives for.

Pagan Colossus 
Character Influence Maps:

Each of the images featured in the influence maps were chosen because of the characters size and also their interaction with their environments. Each one of the images has a creature that has some connection to the Earth or feels the need to protect it. 


  1. Yes - I can imagine his lair - I don't know, some kind of naturally-occurring chasm or 'hole' in the earth or where huge tree roots have created some kind of structure - and there's signs of man's world invading - I don't know, pipes and wires or even a bloody subway station or something; it's almost as if you could start with a perfect or ideal space for your colossus, and then chip away at it with man-made shite leaking in and cramping his pagan style! Poor thing :(

  2. I like the idea of the outside world invading his little prison or lair, but maybe having some human structure in there with nature over taking that as well, as if to show that nature can beat man-made creations? Something along those lines anyway.
    I know Photoshop Phil mention some sort of documentary they did about how nature could evolve and what it would look like if it over-took our world, but, I can't rememember the name! Any idea?

  3. These are some pretty cool images you've collected! Maybe look at rural places in india, where they're still living a traditional life style where they're poor, yet somehow there's some junk from technology and western life style slowly leaking in. Also in nigeria, the people who clear junk from all over the world for money, taking out the wires and such. not that these would make good sceanery, just a good visual for seeking westen's plague taking over :D

  4. Ah, thank you for the input.. I shall look into these to see if I can get some influence or ideas from them! :D