Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Unit 2: Thumbnails 28 - 29

 I've been trying to think about my final concept in terms of angles and what to place into the scene, the first image is one I've been working on, however, I felt as though it didn't quite capture the enormity of my Pagan Colossus. So, keeping with a similar scene, I decided to try a new angle that better suits my character and helps to portray the area in a larger scale. 


  1. These two look really promising! First one is really catching my eyes : )

  2. I like the first one, I just don't think it conveys the size well enough though.. Which is why I changed the perspective to the bottom one, but, I'm still unsure..

  3. first one is friggin awesome!!! the large scale is amazing, the water is so nice, and the colour scheme really sets a peaceful mood. I can't wait to see it filled.even from the small version of the thumbnail before enlarging, it's working, it has nice depth.